Back-End Developer, Account Executive, UI Designer - PT. Xtremax Indonesia

Selasa, 23 Januari 2018 - 16:29
Back-End Developer, Account Executive, UI Designer - PT. Xtremax Indonesia
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Armed with dedication, expertise, and a good, old-fashioned dose of passion, Xtremax has been empowering organizations to reshape their digital presence for over decade.

.NET Developer / Back-End Developer

Location: Bandung
As a Back-End Developer, you will be introduced to ASP.NET development platforms and will be actively involved in building highly responsive websites. You will be tasked with complex programming obstacles that test your skills and eventually train you to climb to the top. Xtremax values developers with raw instincts in programming and the determination to scale Alpine mountains, not hike small hills. We look for talents who are up for the challenge of meeting our high standards in improving user experience without sacrificing performance and speed. Do you aspire to stand atop the highest peaks with us? Join us now.
  • Create and develop maintainable software beautifully
  • Work in teams to analyze and resolve software development problems
  • Create and simplify technical documentation
  • Recommend and build future upgrades based on analytical issues
  • Collaborate with us to finish our cookies, then have fun and spread it around the office
  • Min Bachelor from Informatics, System Information or Computer Science
  • Have a solid analytical thinking skill
  • Expertise in C# development
  • Experienced in Git Workflow

Account Executive

Location: Bandung
At Xtremax, our Account Executives are known as helmsmen. Why? This is because they are at the helm of each project, always ready to steer our developers and designers in the right direction. They ensure that the team never goes off course or gets lost at sea. As such, a good helmsman is key to producing great work and winning our clients’ hearts. If you are up to the challenge, we welcome you to apply for this role.
  • Create, finetune, and execute project plans
  • Manage day-to-day operational aspects of a project
  • Review deliverables prepared by the team and practise our project methodology effectively
  • Effectively communicate relevant project information to the client and the project team
  • Have fun with Account Executive team
  • Minimum Diploma (D3) from reputable university
  • Graduated from Informatics Engineering / Information System major
  • Genuine excitement about the Internet and digital media
  • Ability to craft creative solutions to both the client’s and the company’s problems
  • Ability to tactfully communicate difficult/sensitive information to the client
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

UI Designer / Creative Designer

Location: Bandung
As a UI Designer, you empower the team by bringing the ideas in our heads to life. You are the visionary that draws the treasure map that leads us to our clients’ hearts. If you have a killer instinct for design and a naturally creative mind, join us now.
  • Develop compelling, award-winning design concepts and communicating these ideas internally as well as externally to clients
  • Maintain exceptional design quality throughout the project development cycle
  • Collaborate effectively with the project team
  • Craving to develop anything idea related to all design
  • Have fun
  • A design portfolio is compulsory
  • Proficiency in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Multimedia design software
  • Ability to develop concepts and based on the client’s requirements
  • Familiarity with user experience theories also understanding of cross-platform design concepts (i.e. iOS, Android mobile devices, PC)
  • Good written also verbal communication skills & fresh graduates are welcome to apply
To join our team, fill up our application form at: